Press Release: Update Toward the Safe Reopening of Brockton Hospital

Press Release: Update Toward the Safe Reopening of Brockton Hospital

(BROCKTON, MA) – Our goal is and always has been to provide the needed healthcare services that will best serve our patients and the community, regardless of their ability to pay. We recognized after the 10-alarm fire at Brockton Hospital that our reopening would be in three phases. The first phase included assessing the damage related to the fire and develop action plans to open limited services for our community. We opened Walk-In Urgent Care services at 110 Liberty Street and 650 Centre Street. We moved many hospital-based services to our outpatient sites and developed a plan to find placement for as many of our valued staff as possible.

The second phase, currently underway, is to restore as many services as possible at Brockton Hospital based on the available power systems. These plans are subject to the approval of the Department of Public Health and other regulatory agencies. Our overarching goal is and will continue to be; meeting the needs of our community, retaining our staff and remaining financially viable as a Safety Net Healthcare System.

Our current evaluation of the existing infrastructure and damage related to the fire has significantly impacted the scope and potentially extends the preliminary timeline into the summer. The impact to the power system, water plant and network infrastructure has narrowed the scope of the phase two opening plan. Despite these new learnings, we continue to provide increased access to medical services and are now focusing on offering outpatient surgical services within Brockton Hospital. Additional services may also include gastrointestinal procedures and other clinical and support programs that are needed for our patients and the community.

The third and final phase of our recovery is to safely restore Brockton Hospital’s patient services to the community by the end of the year. This timeline continues to be contingent upon supply chain and regulatory approvals.

We remain committed to our patients, our staff and the community and are doing everything possible to meet these dates. WE WILL SAFELY REOPEN Brockton Hospital and we will be better than ever continuing our mission to care for all.

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